Objectives of the Society

The goals of the St. Thomas Aquinas Society will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Retreat days dedicated to prayerful reflection and education in our Catholic Faith.
  • Healing Masses dedicated to those in need of healing in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Conferences dedicated to education about the wonders of our Catholic Faith and what it means to practice our faith through love and caring for others.
  • Promotion of faith education in our Catholic schools. Through such programs we hope to assist our schools with the understanding of the importance of Jesus in our lives, what it means to live our lives consistent with the teachings of our Savior, and why we hold Our Blessed Mother, Mary, in such high esteem as the Mother of God.
  • Provide an education web site.
  • Provide a Youth Outreach program.
  • Provide resources for Home Schooling families.
  • Build, rent, or purchase facilities to support retreats and conferences, house administrative offices, provide a resource center for home schooling, and an activity center for outreach programs.