Comments received from those who have attended our conferences are testimony to the effectiveness of our programs:


"The workshop talks were soo (sic) inspirational in my life. I believe it's the beginning of many great miracles in my life. I had my doubts before I came about bringing my boys would they be bored? Will they like it? These were a few of my thoughts. Now, I hear them speak to me about the messages they've received and it touches my heart in a most profound way. I was so right in bringing them here. I give thanks to God!"
(Divine Love Conference)


"Teachings presented with love and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I wonder if the people who organize these wonderful conferences realize how important and necessary these conferences are..."
(Divine Love Conference)


"It was great! It was meat and potatoes! Every speaker shared stories from the saints to show how we can live and share our faith and love of God in a REAL way!"
(Mystical Body of Christ Conference)


In conclusion, souls that are at peace bring peace and joy to those around them. One never finds a soul at peace that does not have a good sense of humor and a zest for life. We thank God that we can bring His peace and joy to others. We pray that this peace and joy will then become reality for the larger communities as well, therefore contributing to the peace and health and needs of the world.