In the Love of the Trinity, Our Thrice Holy God


24th Annual Conference
July 28 - August 1, 2021

Presented by the St. Thomas Aquinas Society

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2886 S Circle Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80906




July 29, 2021 (Thurs) at 7:30 PM

Pianist. Composer. Inspirational Speaker.

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1966, Eric Genuis is an acclaimed composer, virtuoso pianist, and inspirational speaker. He has recorded several CDs with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra of all original music in addition to performing on television and scoring music for independent films. Annually, he performs hundreds of live concerts a year in the US and internationally.

His beautifully creative melodies, exquisitely combined with his own modern style, gives rise to a unique musical experience with universal appeal. When not performing in the private living rooms of the rich and famous or for large venue functions or benefits, Eric shares his gift of music with the less fortunate and suffering of the world, or as he calls them, “the forgotten”. In the same manner as with his other concerts, Eric is accompanied by world-class violinists, cellists, and vocalists. Through Eric’s foundation, Concerts for Hope, they go into rehab centers for PTSD veterans, memory care facilities, inner-city schools, and even prisons.

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July 30, 2021 (Fri) at 8:00 PM

Tony Melendez

To Give Hope to All The People

"I can’t explain why people have been moved to tears, as my feet slowly apply pressure to the face and neck of my guitar something happens. For as long as I could remember these toes of mine have been like fingers. God somehow has blessed me with music and the desire to persevere."

Originally from Rivas, Nicaragua, Tony was born without arms. He also had a clubbed foot due to the drug, Thalidomide, taken by his mother. At the age of one Tony's family immigrated to the USA so he could have corrective surgery on his left foot.

Tony grew up in a home where mom protected and cared greatly for him. His father encouraged and pushed him to do things on his own. As he had no arms, Tony had to learn to do almost everything with his feet. At the age of sixteen he taught himself how to play the guitar with his toes.

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Tony will also be appearing at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Castle Rock, CO on
July 26th at 7:00pm.

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July 31, 2021 (Sat) at 8:00 PM

Conference Musicians

Bernie Choiniere


Annie Karto


Tony Melendez



Bishop Michael Sheridan

Bishop Michael Sheridan was born in St. Louis, MO on March 4, 1945. He was ordained as a diocesan priest by Cardinal John J. Carberry on May 29, 1971. On September 3, 1997 Bishop Sheridan was ordained as an auxiliary bishop of St. Louis by Archbishop Justin Rigali. On December 4, 2001 Bishop Sheridan was appointed coadjutor bishop of Colorado Springs and became the bishop of the diocese on January 30, 2003.

Bishop Sheridan has received several graduate degrees in theology, including a Doctorate of Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas [Angelicum] in Rome. We are honored to have Bishop Sheridan celebrate our Friday evening Mass this year.

Nicole Abisinio

Nicole Abisinio has encountered an emergency and, unfortunately, will be unable to attend this year's conference. Annie Karto and Tony Melendez have graciously stepped up to give talks in Nicole's place.  Please keep Nicole, her intentions, and her dynamic ministry in your prayers.


Pure Power!
Living a Life of Chastity

Producing and acting in films starring many famous actors and living the most elite nightlife and membership only clubs, Nicole had the world in the palm of her hands…“But what does it mean to gain the whole world if you lose your soul?” -(Mark 8:36)   Nicole’s response was an overwhelming, previously unknown stirring of the Holy Spirit. In the arms of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, she found everything she had ever been searching for, finding her soul in Jesus and His church.

God showed Nicole how she could use the power of media for His Glory and she now works exclusively for His kingdom.  Nicole currently works as producer, actress, and marketing executive for films including Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, The Investigator, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett’s Son of God, Different Drummers, Love Different, and Junction 395.

Nicole has been featured on Gus Lloyd’s Seize the Day, Spirit FM, The Pete O’Shea Show, Moody Radio, and Catholic TV. Her work has been featured and/or endorsed by EWTN, TBN, Variety, NFCYM, and Catholic Mom.  Nicole has spoken around the country including Kiwanis National Prayer on “Power of Prayer", NCYC on “Faith in Film”, and the International Christian Film Festival on “Faith Based Film Distribution”.

Nicole runs a Catholic non-profit ministry, Gabriel's Messenger Ministries (GMM), in which God uses her to evangelize for young adults by helping young women choose life over abortion, giving away thousands of bibles at Easter/Christmas in Catholic Churches, teaching young Catholics filmmaking skills through hands on experience, and spiritual coaching to help singles and couples live a chaste life until marriage.

Nicole is hard at work producing a new show, THE ADVOCATE, which will begin filming in May 2021.  THE ADVOCATE is like Law & Order meets the Mentalist, but with a Catholic angle (and a Catholic priest as one of the recurring characters).  The show is inspired by true stories, educating families on how to protect themselves and their children from predators in trafficking and child abuse and even elderly abuse, which she feels was important to include.

Learn More about Nicole's film company and ministry below.  If you are in a position to support the mission of GMM with a donation, they would be very grateful and appreciate your generosity.

Dann Aungst

The Road to Purity

Dann Aungst is a Certified Addiction Counselor, speaker, author and a recovering sex addict. Dann has authored several books including From One Addict to Another40 Days to FreedomWinning the Battle for Sexual Purity, and God’s Plan for Healthy Sexuality Workshop.  Dann also published the internationally distributed pamphlet 5 Keys to Freedom from sexual sin which was granted an imprimatur by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila. Additionally, Dann does presentations to Seminarians on how to effectively address pornography in the confessional.

Dann also pioneered the first Catholic men’s sexual integrity small group program called Restoring God’s Foundation which also has an imprimatur by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila. Dann coordinates multiple groups using the Restoring God’s Foundation program at the St. John Vianney seminary in Denver. Dann has been a guest on Catholic Radio, The Terry and Jesse Show, is a guest writer for Covenant Eyes and has spoken at numerous conferences, men's groups and parishes. Dann also does training for priests and deacons to help them better address the topic of pornography in their parishes.

Dann’s recovery was fueled by his personal drive for change, education about himself, the addiction, and restored relationship with Jesus Christ.  Dann’s restored relationship with Jesus was so powerful that he felt personally called to devote his life to telling others that the profound emptiness, worthlessness, rejection and abandonment felt by most addicts is not the truth of their identity in Christ and to help these men and women in this bondage of lies to find truth, healing and authentic love in God and their personal relationships. Dann has answered the call through the mission of Road to Purity, a non-profit organization he founded in 2015.

Dann will be speaking on the following topics:

  1. The Battle for Purity - A journey of sex addiction to Christ. A candid and personal testimony of Dann Aungst, President and Founder of Road to Purity.
  2. Objectifying Love- This talk speaks about authentic sexuality and how and why pornography has exploded in our society and how it is impacting our culture to such an extent that the effect on the family is inevitable, followed by ideas on how address the issue with family and protect them from the destruction of a pornified society.
  3. If sex is so good why is porn so bad?  What is God’s plan for sexuality? How is Theology of the Body and the Holy Trinity part of sex? How porn hijacks the body spiritually, emotionally and biologically.
  4. How and when to talk to your kids about porn. When should I start? What should I say? How do I protect their innocence? 
  5. Breaking free workshop - 90 minute workshop.  Are you, a family member or someone you love battling with porn? Come learn what it really takes to break free. (FYI: filters on your electronic devices is not the answer!)

Patrick and Joy Campbell

Healing of Families

Featured on EWTN, and numerous Catholic publications around the world, Patrick and Joy Campbell have a blended family of nine children. Unexpectedly and without much spiritual preparation, their family was forced to do battle with the enemy. Ultimately, this experience called them to learn and teach other families how to prepare, defend and sanctify their own families.

The Cross of St. Benedict Society and Joyful Hope Missionaries, which they founded, has an international membership of over 58,000 intercessors united in prayer for the healing of families. Together with Father Scott Francis Benet of the Missionaries of Mercy (M.O.M) they travel internationally, ministering to 1000s with their Breakthrough Healing Workshops, which is an online course offered by Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University.

Patrick was commissioned by the Vatican to create and install the 12 foot Cross of the Renewal which is located at Ark and The Dove Retreat Center in Pittsburgh, PA for the 50th Jubilee of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

The Breakthrough Healing Workshop restores families and Heals from the inside out. Miraculous Encounter with the Trinity brings back your family to God.

Talks - Unblocking the obstacles that keep us from receiving life changing graces for healing, restoration of family, and our true identity as children of God through the sacraments of the church.

  • Talk 1: In the Beginning the First Family was the Holy Trinity
  • Talk 2: What Adam and Eve Lost Was to be Restored in the Holy Family Joseph, Mary, and Jesus
  • Talk 3: In These Dire Times the Family Trinity is Under Attack

5 Major blocks/access points that are keeping us from receiving God's grace. Prayer for taking down strongholds.

  • Block/Access Point 1: Forgiveness
  • Block/Access Point 2: Fear, Childhood Trauma, Lies of the enemy
  • Block/Access Point 3: Unhealthy Alliances
  • Block/Access Point 4: The Occult
  • Block/Access Point 5: Family Sin Struggles, Q&A follows
  • Closing these Blocks/Access points

The Campbell family also creates handcrafted crucifixes of St. Benedict, and other artisan items which are available for purchase at:

You can keep up with the Campbell family on their YouTube channel Joyful Hope TV:

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM

Making Room for God

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM, lived the life of the prodigal son for most of his young adult life. Raised in a nominally Catholic family, who only lived the externals of the faith, Fr. Ken left the Catholic Church for many years. During that time he earned a business degree and worked as a business profession in Advanced R&D and software testing; a few years into his career he joined a few of his co-workers in establishing a $4.5 million Internet software company. Focused on money, fitness, and success, he made little room for God; but God did not give up on him. During this journey, God presented him with challenges that forced him to question his personal beliefs and the question “What is Truth?” Through a series of conversions, years of struggle, study and questioning, Fr. Ken found his way from agnosticism, to non-denominational Christianity, and ultimately back to the Catholic Church.

Fr. Ken joined the Fathers of Mercy in 2006 and was ordained in 2012. For two years, he served as an associate pastor of a medium sized parish and currently serves as a Missionary, webmaster and vocation director for the Fathers of Mercy. Fr. Ken has a great understanding of the personal and societal pressures that individuals face and knows what it is like to “hate coming to church.” His mission talks are for people of all levels of faith; from those who are madly in love with Jesus to those who struggle with church and religion.

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