Christ the King of Mercy


22nd Annual Conference
July 31 - August 4, 2019

Presented by the St. Thomas Aquinas Society

Christ the King of Mercy
Image used with permission of Richard George

Pikes Peak Center
190 S. Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

August 1, 2019 (Thursday) at 7:00 PM


Tony Melendez

To Give Hope to All The People

"I can’t explain why people have been moved to tears, as my feet slowly apply pressure to the face and neck of my guitar something happens. For as long as I could remember these toes of mine have been like fingers. God somehow has blessed me with music and the desire to persevere."

Originally from Rivas, Nicaragua, Tony was born without arms. He also had a clubbed foot due to the drug, Thalidomide, taken by his mother. At the age of one Tony's family immigrated to the USA so he could have corrective surgery on his left foot.

Tony grew up in a home where mom protected and cared greatly for him. His father encouraged and pushed him to do things on his own. As he had no arms, Tony had to learn to do almost everything with his feet. At the age of sixteen he taught himself how to play the guitar with his toes.

In 1987 he was asked by the youth of Los Angeles to be their gift to Pope John Paul II, and this internationally broadcast event set Tony's career in to high gear. Now more than twenty-eight years later Tony has traveled to all fifty states and more than 44 foreign countries. Tony has been on shows such as Good Morning America, Hour Of Power with Robert Schuller, Arsenio Hall, 700 Club, and Jerry Lewis Telethons.

Tony has recorded five albums, Never Be The Same, Ways of The Wise, Cup Of Life, Hands In Heaven and his latest Hope/Esperanza. He also has an autobiography, A Gift Of Hope, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including special commendations from President Reagan, the State of California, the City of Los Angeles, and countless other civic and charitable organizations. He received the first annual Inspirational Hero Award from the NFL Alumni Association at Super Bowl XXIII.

Tony now resides in Branson with his wife Lynn and two kids, Marisa and Andres. Despite all the travel over the last twenty eight years, Tony continues to resist the siren song of stardom, hoping only to develop his musical career and share his God given gifts. "I don't feel like a celebrity," he says with a smile, " I just feel like me!"

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Bishop Michael Sheridan

Bishop Michael Sheridan was born in St. Louis, MO on March 4, 1945. He was ordained as a diocesan priest by Cardinal John J. Carberry on May 29, 1971. On September 3, 1997 Bishop Sheridan was ordained as an auxiliary bishop of St. Louis by Archbishop Justin Rigali. On December 4, 2001 Bishop Sheridan was appointed coadjutor bishop of Colorado Springs and became the bishop of the diocese on January 30, 2003.

Bishop Sheridan has received several graduate degrees in theology, including a Doctorate of Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas [Angelicum] in Rome. We are honored to have Bishop Sheridan celebrate our Friday evening Mass this year.

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

We are delighted to have Father Mitch Pacwa return to our conference again this year. Fr. Pacwa is Founder and President of Ignatius Productions, and is best know for his appearances on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) where he hosts two programs: Threshold of Hope and EWTN Live. He also serves as the weekly host of EWTN Radio's Open Line program.

Father is fluent in twelve languages and received his B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Detroit, summa cum laude. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1976 with the Society of Jesus and then continued his studies. He received his Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology of Loyola University, magna cum laude. At Vanderbilt University, he received his Master of Arts and a Ph.D. in Old Testament.

The mission of Ignatius Productions is "to teach people the scriptures, to educate Catholics about their faith, and to promote unity and understanding within the mystical body of Christ." To that end, this well-known Biblical scholar has lectured and spoke at hundreds of conferences and churches around the world.

In April 2016, quite unexpectedly Father suffered a heart attack. He was planning on stopping at Hamburger Heaven for a hamburger, but he amost went to the other heaven. "Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell was afraid I'd take over."

With renewed strength, Fr. Pacwa is launching a new apostolate called Legacy of Faith, with is staff, Ray and Linda King. The mission is to offer young adults the opportunity to talk with Father in informal, smaller venues. He wants to listen to, support, and strengthen the next generation of Catholics as they strive to live their Faith in today's culture.

Fr. Pacwa asks for your continued prayers as he begins this new adventure for the Greater Glory of God.

Fr. Piotr Prusakiewicz, CSMA

Divine Mercy and the Holy Angels

Internationally renowned retreat master from Poland, he is an authority on Holy Angels and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "The Angels". Fr. Peter is an expert on St. Faustina Kowalska and the Divine Mercy devotion.

Father Peter was ordained priest of the Congregation of St Michael the Archangel on May 23rd 1990.

By God’s providence from 1993 – 1996 he served as chaplain to the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Warsaw where St Faustina began her religious life. This was one of the most treasured periods in his life. He learned much about her character, trials, spiritual battles and revelations given to St Faustina in her writings and from the sisters who were still alive and knew St Faustina personally.

Letter of healing to Fr. Peter about a healing when Fr. Piotr was here in February.

Fr. Peter (Piotr) on EWTN

H. Anthony Chan

Eucharistic Adoration

H. Anthony Chan (PhD, Univ of Maryland, College Park) is currently Professor and Dean in the School of Computing and Information Science at Caritas Institute of Higher Education in Hong Kong. He had spent 15 years in research at the former AT&T Bell Labs. He then began witnessing God’s gift in science and technology to counteract the ingratitude and misuse of gifts today. He moved to South Africa as a professor at the University of Cape Town to help the Africans bridge the Digital Divide and develop, but also appreciate God’s gift of intelligence. Despite his busy life, Anthony invests time for an intimate relationship with Jesus through regular adoration, which enriches his daily life.

Anthony was brought up in a Catholic family, and his brother is a priest. He has played numerous lay leader roles for the past 40 years, and has been attending daily Mass since year 2000. After moving back to US in 2007 to continue his research career, he had been to over 50 cities/towns to promote Eucharistic adoration by giving witnesses and communicating with 6000 people through emails. In his profession, he is a Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), and a Distinguished Speaker of IEEE Com Society.

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM

Making Room for God

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM, lived the life of the prodigal son for most of his young adult life. Raised in a nominally Catholic family, who only lived the externals of the faith, Fr. Ken left the Catholic Church for many years. During that time he earned a business degree and worked as a business profession in Advanced R&D and software testing; a few years into his career he joined a few of his co-workers in establishing a $4.5 million Internet software company. Focused on money, fitness, and success, he made little room for God; but God did not give up on him. During this journey, God presented him with challenges that forced him to question his personal beliefs and the question “What is Truth?” Through a series of conversions, years of struggle, study and questioning, Fr. Ken found his way from agnosticism, to non-denominational Christianity, and ultimately back to the Catholic Church.

Fr. Ken joined the Fathers of Mercy in 2006 and was ordained in 2012. For two years, he served as an associate pastor of a medium sized parish and currently serves as a Missionary, webmaster and vocation director for the Fathers of Mercy. Fr. Ken has a great understanding of the personal and societal pressures that individuals face and knows what it is like to “hate coming to church.” His mission talks are for people of all levels of faith; from those who are madly in love with Jesus to those who struggle with church and religion.

Fr. Bill Halbing

God's Word Alive Today

Fr. Bill Halbing, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, is known for his gift of bible teaching. Fr. Bill, attended the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Mahwah, New Jersey, and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Newark on October 30th, 1982. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and received both his Master of Fine Arts degree in Jewish-Christian studies and his Master of Divinity degree at Seton Hall University.

Active in Charismatic Renewal since 1975, Fr. Bill has been a guest speaker at national charismatic conferences in Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Denver, Florida, New Hampshire and Idaho and has traveled as far as Canada, Guyana, Eastern Europe and the Philippines to preach God's Word. He is also involved in door-to-door evangelization, Catechism for Filipino Catholics, Bookas Loob Sa Diyos and Hispanic ministry. He has been a featured guest speaker at conferences, retreats, days of renewal, parish missions and youth bible conferences.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato

Silent No More - Defending Life!

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato is a retired priests of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. He has been the cohost of EWTN's weekly Defending Life series and has preached on EWTN's global Mass numerous times.

Fr. Stephen is a great grandpa priest and has been doing pro-life activism for more than two decades. His pro-life activism ranges from being the 1st man to witness with SilentNoMoreAwareness to his numerous Red Rose Rescues to his founding of two women's pregnancy help centers. He was ordained in 2005 at the age of 53.

One would be hard pressed to find a Catholic priest who wouldn't describe his path to the priesthood as a "grace filled journey." Father Stephen Imbarrato has good reason to make that claim. For Father Stephen that grace includes great blessings - such as the joy of adopting a son as a single person and his dedicated involvement in various pro-life initiatives. It also includes the knowledge that it was a painful past - namely his own complicity in an abortion many years ago- that brought him to the pro-life movement in the first place, opened him to the priesthood and now allows him to preach the Gospel of Life "from the standpoint of mercy."

In 1974, he said, "I did not stand up for my girlfriend when I got her pregnant," and today he counts himself as sharing the guilt for her decision to abort. It wasn't until years later as a seminarian that he learned she had been carrying twins.

As a Deacon, he was the 1st postabortive man to give his witness as part of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Father founded Project Defending Life in Albuquerque, NM and St Gerard's Pregnancy Center in Hartford, Ct. His most recent pro-life ministerial endeavor is LifeMinistriesUS (doing ministry as) ProtestChildkilling. Today, Fr Stephen focuses on various decisive strategies to end the constitutional crisis of legalized abortion in our country.

Dcn. Tim Kennedy

God's Mercy and Freedom in Christ

Deacon Tim Kennedy was ordained for the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ on May 21, 2011 with 34 other men to the Sacred Order of Deacon. He currently serves there and as an Eastern Catholic Deacon in the Eparchy of Passaic. Previously, he served as Pastoral Associate at Saint John the Apostle Parish in Linden, NJ.



  • Deacon Tim is a retired Chief of Police with the New York City Health and Hospitals Police Department.
  • He has served in law enforcement for over 30 years and now works in full time Ministry.
  • Deacon Tim is Chaplain to the Union County Police Department the Perth Amboy Police Department Chaplain Corps.

Deacon Tim loves the Lord, he goes wherever he is called to preach the Gospel and Love of God throughout the Archdiocese of Newark and beyond! He has preached Parish Missions, Days of Renewal and at Conferences in numerous dioceses in the United States, Italy, the Holy Land and in Ireland. He is available to preach at your Parish or Diocese event. He integrates music, personal witness, humor and the scriptures to draw people deeper into their Faith and realize they are highly favored and loved by our Heavenly Father. He is a sought after Conference speaker and Ministers in healing as well as “Unbound – Freedom in Christ” You can order downloads of some of Deacon Tim’s talks from previous conferences and missions here.

Deacon Tim is known as the “Travelling Deacon” and currently works with Select International Tours as Clergy Liaison assisting Clergy to plan Pilgrimage travel to all major pilgrimage destinations. He also leads a number of his own pilgrimage tours.

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Fr. Andre Mahanna

Instrument of Peace

A friend of freedom, Fr. Andre has informed and advised the U.S. Administration and members of Congress on issues pertaining to religious freedom at home and abroad. He was an honored guest of President Donald J. Trump for the signing of the executive order on religious freedom at the White House on the National Day of Prayer, May 4, 2017.

Elevated by election in November, 2017, Fr. Andre is the North American Councilor of the Apostolic Union of Clergy, a Vatican-associated office, and continues to also serve as the U.S.A. President. In addition, Fr. Andre is the Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Director for the U.S. Maronite Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon, Secretary General of the Religious Advisory Board of In Defense of Christians (chaired by Cardinals Donald Wuerl and Timothy Dolan), Founder and President of the International Apostolate of Our Lady of Hope/St. Rafka Mission of Hope and Mercy and pastor of St. Rafka Maronite Catholic Church in Lakewood, CO.

In 2012, he was appointed head of the Apostolic Association of Ordained Ministers and he served on the Vatican’s 2010 Synod on the Middle East, helping deliver the document Exclessia En Medio Oreinte.

He grew up in war-torn Lebanon. As a boy accompanying his father on government trips to Muslim and Christians regions, he heard stories of religious-based crimes by both Muslims and Christians. At 10, his family with other families escaped Christian massacres by living in caves in Mount Lebanon. His bed was Phoenician tomb. By age 12, he had decided to become a Maronite Catholic monk. It was then that concern for precisely what the world is experiencing now – famine and massacre of women and children – gave him the resolve to address ecumenism and inter-faith understanding, thus devoting his life’s work to being an instrument of peace.

A citizen of the United States, Fr. Andre is fluent in seven languages and understands 12. Educated in Rome, France and the U.S.A., he addresses the hard realities of genocide, persecution and violence in the Middle East. He is a popular speaker and has authored many articles focused on the unity of Christians, religious freedom, and the Biblical foundation of Judeo-Christian values and traditions.

Dr. Mark Miravalle

Marian Devotion and Doctrine

Dr. Mark Miravalle earned his Sacred Theological Doctorate at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. He holds the Saint John Paul II Chair of Mariology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he has been teaching since 1986.

Dr. Miravalle is the founder and senior editor of Ecce Mater Tua, an international journal of Mariology research. He is also president of the International Marian Association, comprised of more than 130 theologians, bishops, clergy, and laity worldwide who seek to promote Marian devotion and doctrine. The IMA recently held its first symposium at Ave Maria University in Florida, in September, 2018.

Well known throughout the world for his lectures on Mariology, Dr. Miravalle has addressed several episcopal conferences, including those of South India, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Costa Rica. He has also assisted bishops with preliminary investigations into reported apparitions.

Dr. Miravalle has spoken at numerous international conferences and has appeared on EWTN, National Public Radio, BBC, and Fox News.

Dr. Miravalle is the author and editor of over 20 books in Mariology and Spiritual Theology, including his most recent works, Meet Your Mother: An Introduction to Mary; Meet Your Spiritual Father: An Introduction to St. Joseph; Time to Meet the Angels, and Jesus In You: The Indwelling Trinity in the Souls of the Just.

Kelly Nieto

Catholic Convert. Miss America runner-up. Master Story Teller.

For 35 long years, Kelly wanted nothing to do with God. She was an agnostic “New Ager” who participated in séances and used psychics on a regular basis. Jesus, Christianity, and Faith were things that Kelly shunned, and even made fun of at times.

But God had a different plan for Kelly! After a life-changing conversion and vision from God in 2000, Kelly was called to create and produce Cross & Light, an international, critically acclaimed musical and multi-sensory video experience of Jesus’ death, resurrection and the coming of the holy spirit on Pentecost touring nationwide.

Kelly has spent the past 18 years sharing her hilarious con-version story from life on the road as a Miss America runner- up and Talent Winner, opening act for Garth Brooks, and visionary New Age Princess to finding peace and purpose in her life as the mother of 5 amazing children and Executive Producer of Cross & Light.

Patricia Sandoval

Abortion, Dangers, and Healing

Patricia Sandoval’s story of three abortions, work behind the hidden doors of Planned Parenthood, followed by nearly three years as a homeless drug addict, is a testament to the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ and His desire to bring this world's hidden dangers into the light for healing. She shares her testimony in speaking engagements around the world, and her recent book, "Transfigured".

Patricia Co-Hosts two Spanish programs on EWTN Español and she also has been featured on EWTN's “Life on the Rock”, “Women of Grace” and “Jim and Joy.”

Padre Martin Scott

Our Lord's Divine Mercy

Padre Martín Scott attended Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary in Emmittsburg, Maryland. In May 1988 he was ordained a diocesan priest for the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. For the next 15 years he was assigned to several parishes in the diocese. In 2003 he was granted permission from the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. to move to Peru with all of his priestly faculties.




Padre Scott is the founder of the religious community called “Servants of the Divine Mercy” in Chosica, Peru. He is a missionary priest whose religious community lives entirely off Divine Providence. The charism of his religious community life is based on the messages concerning our Lord’s infinite Divine Mercy given to Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska.

Bernie Choiniere

Musician, Liturgical Assistant

By helping to convey the love of God, and stressing a need for a personal relationship with Christ, Bernie's heartfelt songs present a call to action and a challenge to service. In the past 17 years he has told his miraculous story and performed his songs for thousands of youth throughout the country and abroad.

Some of Bernie's performances include appearances at the National Catholic Youth Convention - main stage at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis and main stage with his band at the Reliant Stadium in Houston. Bernie has also performed at 3 World Youth Days- Philippines, Rome and Toronto and was also asked to be on EWTN's "Back Stage" He also hosted a TV series geared for teens called "Be A Light" that he co-produced for Boston Catholic Television. Bernie is an artist for World Library Publications where his music is being published and distributed. He was also the winner for 2003 UCMVA Awards for his song Emmanuel.

Matt Werner

General Program MC

Since 1997 Matt Werner has served as President of Queen of the Apostles Mission Association working to advance the interests of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. This charitable non-profit group has helped many bishops, priests and sisters build and repair churches and monasteries that underwent neglect and destruction during Communist rule. He travels every year to monasteries, seminaries and parishes in the Ukraine bringing them hope, assessing their progress and bringing back reports. He and his wife always visit an orphanage where they teach the children the Rosary. You can learn more about QAMA on their website at

Fr. Kyle Ingels

Breakout Program MC

A native of Colorado Springs, Fr Kyle Ingels serves as the Director of Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Colorado Springs. He has served as Chaplain for the Catholic Student Center at the University of Maryland and as Pastor of Ascension Parish in Bowie, Maryland. Fr Kyle graduated from The Catholic University of America and Mount St. Mary's Seminary and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Washington in 2005.

Fr. Mark Wheelan, SOLT

Sacramental Minister

Fr. Mark Wheelan, SOLT, studied in Rome at the Angelicum. He was ordained in Corpus Christi, TX and was sent to serve the Native American Indians in North Dakota. Fr. Mark has been attending our conferences for several years to assist with the sacraments and is very much appreciated by all. Father has participated in conferences across the states as a sacramental minister where he is appreciated for his long hours in the confessional and his charism of reconciliation. We look forward to Father's return for this year's conference.

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