Blessed Be God

17th Annual Conference
August 1-3, 2014

Presented by the
St. Thomas Aquinas Society

Come Lord Jesus

Pikes Peak Center
190 S. Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903



Bishop Michael Sheridan

Bishop Michael Sheridan was born in St. Louis, MO on March 4, 1945. He was ordained as a diocesan priest by Cardinal John J. Carberry on May 29, 1971. On September 3, 1997 Bishop Sheridan was ordained as an auxiliary bishop of St. Louis by Archbishop Justin Rigali. On December 4, 2001 Bishop Sheridan was appointed coadjutor bishop of Colorado Springs and became the bishop of the diocese on January 30, 2003.

Bishop Sheridan has received several graduate degrees in theology, including a Doctorate of Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas [Angelicum] in Rome. We are honored to have Bishop Sheridan celebrate our opening Mass this year.



Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.

We are delighted to have Father Mitch Pacwa return to our conference again this year.   Fr. Pacwa is the President and Founder of Ignatius Productions, and is best know for his appearances on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) where he hosts two programs: Threshold of Hope and EWTN Live. He also serves as the weekly host of EWTN Radio's Open Line program.

Father received his B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from the University of Detroit, summa cum laude. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 1976 with the Society of Jesus and then continued his studies. He received his Master of Divinity and S.T.B. from the Jesuit School of Theology of Loyola University, magna cum laude. At Vanderbilt University, he received his Master of Arts, Ph.D. in Old Testament.

Father Mitch Pacwa has taught at the high school, university, and seminary levels. He is the founder and President of Ignatius Productions. The mission of Ignatius Productions is "to teach people the scriptures, to educate Catholics about their faith, and to promote unity and understanding within the mystical body of Christ." To that end, this well-known Biblical scholar has lectured and spoke at hundreds of conferences and churches around the world.

Father Pacwa is fluent in twelve languages and has a unique understanding of the peoples and cultures of the Middle East. Father’s extensive travels throughout the Middle East, Europe, and the Holy Land has inspired him to write the “Holy Land Prayer Book,” which has been published by his own apostolate, Ignatius Productions, and can be used as a prayer book guide for any pilgrim traveling to the Holy Land. Father Pacwa also has the privilege of being bi-ritual, which means he can also celebrate the Maronite Mass of the Eastern Catholic Church.


Rev. Christopher J. Crotty, C.P.M.

Inner / Spiritual Healing

Rev. Christopher J. Crotty C.P.M. was born in 1967 and is a native of San Francisco, California. He attended Kolbe Academy, which was co-founded by his parents, Francis and Margaret Crotty. Fr. Crotty was the first high school graduate of the program. In 1986 Fr. Crotty began service in the United States Navy. He served with distinction in the medical corps eventually attending the anesthesia technologist program. Fr. Crotty served as an anesthesia technologist at Balboa Naval Hospital for four years. Having completed military service Fr. Crotty went on to work as a civilian anesthesia technologist at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose California.

In 1995 Fr. Crotty became a member of the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy. In 1996 Fr. Crotty began studies in philosophy and in theology at Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. On May 31st, 2001 Fr. Crotty was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Michael Sheridan in Russellville Kentucky. Following ordination Fr. Crotty served as the associate pastor at St. Martin of Tours in downtown Louisville Kentucky.

For the past several years Fr. Crotty has promulgated the rich teachings of the Holy Spirit and healing on missions, retreats and conferences. He also teaches nationwide on radio and other media resources. Prison work has been an outreach for some years as well.

Fr. Crotty is a member and supports the work of “The Association of Christian Therapists”. His work has also supported The Serra Club, Magnificat (women’s prayer groups), The Knights of Columbus, The Ancient Order of Hibernians, and The National Association of Private Catholic Institutes and Schools.

Click below for information about Fr. Crotty’s Healing Ministry.

Institute of the Holy Spirit

You can email Fr. Chris at the following address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

View Fr. Chris’s blog & homily archives.

Learn why Fr. Crotty says: "We are healed and set free for the work of salvation".

Misericordia motus est.
"He was moved with Mercy".
(Luke 15:20)


Fr. Joseph L. Iannuzzi

Living in God's Divine Will

Fr. Joseph is a theologian and doctoral alumnus of the Gregorian Pontifical University of Rome. He has written several books on revelation and prophecy, appeared on EWTN and was host of several television and national radio programs. Fr. Joseph is the initiator of the Missionaries of the Holy Trinity Community devoted to the advancement of the Church's mystical tradition and to the proper theological presentation of the mystical gift of Living in Gods Divine Will.

An accomplished violinist and wrestler, Fr. Joseph studied medicine and traveled to Medjugorje in 1988, where he was inspired to enter the seminary. In 1991 he obtained a BA in Philosophy and was awarded the Kilburn Award. While assigned for 15 years in Italy, he studied Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Latin and other languages. He obtained a BA, an STL and an STD (Ph.D.) in Theology, with specialization in patristics, dogma and mysticism.

Fr. Joseph was one of four selected students to receive a grant from the Pontifical Biblicum University of Rome to study theology in Israel. While in Rome he assisted the exorcist of Rome, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, and has written several books on prophecy and revelation. He has translated numerous theological works into English and has authored five publications.

Fr. Joseph's first contact with the writings of the Italian mystic Luisa Piccarreta occurred over twenty years ago, while he was making a holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament in a Trappist monastery. By a stroke of providence, there lay on the empty pew before him a volume of Luisa. He read it and returned it to its place. A senior nun approached Joseph and asked him if he knew Italian so he might translate Luisa's works into English. Joseph accepted this task. All of Luisa's writings contained in his doctoral dissertation, approved by the Pontifical University of Rome, have been translated.

Fr. Iannuzzi often takes time from his busy schedule to attend local gatherings to share his insights, updates on the beatification of Luisa Piccarreta, answer our questions on Living in the Divine Will and his wit and humor. Click below for more information.


Father Aniello Salicone, S.X.

Celebrating Healing

We welcome Fr. Aniello Salicone to this year's conference where he will share his experience of how God has called him to special ministry. Fr. Aniello's presentation will be thought-provoking and humorous. You will delight and be inspired when he touches on God's infinite love for all of us. Fr. Salicone will be available for individual healing prayer for all those in attendance.

Father Aniello Salicone of the Xaverian Missionaries was born in Italy in 1940. In 1952 he entered a Minor Seminary because he wanted to become a priest. In 1961 he left the Pontifical Seminary of Salerno (Italy) to join the Xaverian Missionaries in Parma. He was ordained a priest in 1966. He has served in Italy, London, West Africa and many states throughout the United States most recently at St. Therese in Chinatown. Fr. Salicone is currently the assistant to the Rector at the Xaverian house in Franklin, Wisconsin.

He began his healing ministry in 1995 after an extraordinary personal experience of God’s love for each person. He has being doing healing masses in through the United States and in Italy. He feels that his main duty is to speak about the personal love of God for each person.

In September 2005, he went to Medjugorje with John and Colleen Willard for the third anniversary of Colleen's extraordinary physical healing. Father Aniello had encouraged Colleen to go to Medjugorje where she would see His Glory. She went and was healed from seven terminal illnesses. In September 2007, John and Colleen Willard took Father Aniello with them again to Medjugorje. In June 2008, Father Aniello became a United States citizen. As of July 1, 2010 Fr. Aniello has been at the Xaverian Missionary House in Franklin, WI, where he serves as the Assistant to the Rector and Vocations Director.


Little Audrey Santo

Servant of God

Audrey Marie Santo (December 19, 1983 - April 14, 2007), often referred to as Little Audrey by pilgrims to her home, was a young woman from Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, through whom miracles are said to have happened.

On August 9, 1987, when Audrey was three years old, Audrey fell into the family swimming pool. Audrey recovered but was rushed to the hospital where she was overmedicated and lapsed into a coma. The hospital’s physical therapist broke Audrey’s legs and dislocated her shoulder. She was out of the coma in three weeks. She remained in a state called Akinetic Mutism — non-speaking and limited movement.

Right from the beginning in the hospital hundreds of people came to pray for Audrey. For some reason God wanted Audrey to be known right from the beginning. It is believed that signs and wonders are manifesting with Audrey, around her and about her. Audrey seems to manifest unexplainable (medically) marks on her body that resemble the wounds of Christ. Audrey brings us to the Eucharist. There are religious images that exude oil and blood. There are six consecrated hosts that have exhibited human blood and another one of which exudes oil.

Father Renê Laurentin, a world-renowned theologian, concluded a four year personal investigation into the life of Audrey Santo. He visited Little Audrey in July 1993. Deeply moved he stated, "This is Holy Ground." Bishop Daniel Reilly of Worcester, Massachusetts set up a commission of psychologists, doctors and theologians to study the events at Little Audrey’s.

Audrey was received by God on April 14, 2007. In Sept of 2007, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, postulator from the Congregation of the Causes of Saints visited with the Santo family for four days. He met with Bishop Robert McManus to begin the Cause for Audrey by making her a Servant of God which begins the process.

Audrey's mother, Linda Santo, will present on her behalf at this year's conference. Come pray with us for the Servant of God beatification and canonization of Little Audrey Santo!


Fr. Jeff Shooner


Fr. Jeff Shooner is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and served active duty as an intelligence officer. He attended seminary at Theological College at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and was ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Louisville in 2004.

He currently serves as the Vicar for Priests and the Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Louisville.



Marty Rotella

Singer and Songwriter

Marty Rotella is a Grammy Nominee and award-winning singer, songwriter, speaker, producer, and master of ceremonies. He first started out in "pop" music when he was 15 years old. Since 1980, he has been focusing mainly on religious music and bringing his audience closer to Jesus and His Mother, Mary. His most popular CD’s are Whisper of the Wind, Meet my Friend, Rays of Love and I Wait on Tepeyac. The latter contains songs which teach about the miraculous appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Marty has appeared on EWTN's Sunday Night Prime.

While a teacher, Marty often taught how his life experiences and faith inspired songs. Marty retired from teaching and is now full-time in the music ministry. Marty has been involved with giving benefit concerts for organizations, charities, and church affiliated programs.

Call (201) 229-0904 to schedule an appearance.


  •   2000 -UCMVA “Special Event Album of the Year”- Participant with Catholic Artists for the Millennium Volume I, IIand III CDs for - Whisper in the Wind
  •   1994 - Queen the of Americas Guild Golden Medal
  •   1992 - Grammy Nomination Gospel Album - There’s a Little Soul
  •   1988 - Grammy Nomination Gospel Album – I Wait on Tepeyac
  •   1987 - Grammy Nomination Gospel Album – Passion Play
  •   1987 - Music City Song Festival – Top 25 Finalist
Original recordings:
  •   Spirit Power 3 – CD, Released 2009
  •   Spirit Power 2 – CD, Released 2007
  •   One Rose, One Heart – CD, Released 2004
  •   Spirit Power – CD, Released 2003
  •   Whisper of the Wind – CD, Released 1997
  •   Passion Play – CD, Released 1987
  •   Rays of Love – CD, Released 1986
  •   His Love- Familyland Network (Host)
  •   You Are Not Alone – Familyland Network (Host)
  •   Say Yes – Eternal Word Television Network – EWTN (Guest, Interview by Dana)
  •   Family Covenant – Eternal Word Television Network - EWTN, Guest
  •   Backstage – Eternal Word Television Network - EWTN, Guest
  •   Sunday Night Prime - Eternal Word Television Network - EWTN, Guest
  •   Divine Mercy, No Escape – Marian Helpers Fathers, Stockbridge, MA
  •   Loves Bravest Choice – Maria Goretti, produced by Salvatore Mundi Communications
Documentary :
  •   A Message of Hope & Healing – produced by Life Foundation
  •   Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of Hope – produced by Dan Lynch
  •   The Passion Play – The longest running Passion Play in America. Park Theatre-Union City, NJ


Fr. Kyle Ingels

Young Adult Program MC

A native of Colorado Springs, Fr Kyle Ingels serves as the Director of Campus Ministry for the Diocese of Colorado Springs. He has served as Chaplain for the Catholic Student Center at the University of Maryland and as Pastor of Ascension Parish in Bowie, Maryland. Fr Kyle graduated from The Catholic University of America and Mount St. Mary's Seminary and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Washington by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2005.



Matt Werner

Matt will be an indispensible M.C. for our conference this year. He is gladly filling in for Dcn. Mattie Henry, who is unable to attend because of an unavoidable scheduling conflict and not due to poor health. Dcn. Mattie sends his greeting to everyone and is looking forward to next year!

Matt Werner is the President of Queen of the Apostles Mission Association (QAMA), whose mission, since the early 1990s, is to help rebuild the Catholic Church in the former Soviet Union. Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, QAMA members accomplish their work spiritually through prayer, and materially through material assistance. You can learn more about QAMA on their website at



Bernie Choiniere

An award winning Catholic Contemporary musician, Bernie's dynamic gifts deliver enthusiastic songs of praise & worship, as well as special moments of meditative spiritual healing. Bernie is a homeschooling dad of 4 daughters. Recently, Bernie and three of his daughters, who sing in 3 part harmony, performed at the Indiana Catholic Family Conference where they were featured throughout the event.

Bernie is an artist for World Library Publications and he is very proud of his second CD, "With You" from which the song, "Emmanuel" was awarded the 2003 Unity Awards Best Modern Rock/Alternative Song of the Year.




Fr. Mark Wheelan, SOLT

Fr. Mark Wheelan, SOLT, studied in Rome at the Angelicum. He was ordained in Corpus Christi, TX and was sent to serve the Native American Indians in North Dakota where he ministers today. Father has participated in conferences across the states for the past several years as a sacramental minister. He is known to spend long hours in the confessional and celebrate Mass, and is very much appreciated by all. We look forward to Father's return for our Be Not Afraid Conference.