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Hello all St. Thomas Aquinas Society followers!

We have a special treat for you today. Our conference was just a few weeks ago and we had so many great speakers that people were unable to attend them all. And while many were recorded and made available for purchase, some were not.

Dann Aungst from Road to Purity was one of those speakers. Well, Road to Purity video recorded all of their talks and have made them available to our members! Look below at the 4 talks Dann did and the link where you can watch each one.


Road to Purity also has a special offer that they made available to all that attended Dann’s talks and they are extending it to you here – for FREE!

The offer is for a Recovery Bundle with a $100 savings.  Perfect for anyone battling with purity or for parents to share with their teens!



road to purity productsThe Battle for Purity - "The Battle For Purity - a journey from sex addiction to Christ. A candid and personal testimony of Dann Aungst - President and Founder of Road to Purity.”


Objectifying Love - This talk speaks about authentic sexuality and how and why pornography has exploded in our society and how it is impacting our culture to such an extent that the effect on the family is inevitable, followed by ideas on how address the issue with family and protect them from the destruction of a pornified society.


If sex is so good, why is porn so bad?   “What is God’s plan for sexuality? How is Theology of the Body and the Holy Trinity part of sex? In this presentation we talk about how porn hijacks the body spiritually, emotionally and biologically.”


How and when to talk to your kids about porn. When should I start? What should I say? How do I protect their innocence?
The safe and proper formation of children in sexual integrity and faith in this pornified world is difficult but is of utmost importance. This talk gives detailed information on how discussions on sexuality should happen and at what ages.


Special offer (includes the printed edition of the Restoring God’s Foundation program, plus online access to the program and 2 prayer cards!)

$150 value, offered exclusively to St. Thomas Aquinas Society members for $49.95 with free shipping.